A Couple Artists That Float My Boat

Hey friends, I've added this page to let you know about some artists that I think you might like too, and if you already know about them LOOKIT US FOR KNOWING SUCH COOL CATS!

The new album from Bruce Cockburn, Bone on Bone is simply fantastic! It's particularly interesting to me how I can listen to Bruce's earliest music next to his most recent and, while production values have changed, from there to here always makes sense. Great earthy production, once again, by Colin Linden and the band is tight. I can't say enough about John Dymond's basswork. It really drives the tunes on which he plays. 

You can listen to it here: http://brucecockburn.com/2017/listen-to-full-album-bone-on-bone/

Also the latest (well it's a few years old now having been released in 2015) release from founding Crash Vegas member Michelle McAdorey, Into Her Future, is on full rotation in Duaneland. Her way with melody and lyric is stronger than ever (and that's saying something). I've always loved the way her songs include some quirky chord changes that always seem to make sense and always seem to resolve themselves into almost familiar bridge and choruses. Also the production is ripe with lush drones and dreamscape inner vision nearly reminiscent but not at all in any kind of dated way of the best of the 80's/90's avant garde. Great stuff by an underappreciated Canadian  treasure.