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In Time We Find Ourselves At Last 

These past few years have been a whirlwind and I'm grateful for every bump, bruise and blessing that they've given me. I've seen a lot of dreams come true on many levels but not without a price. These years have taken their toll and at age 54 I've had to accept a few things that I didn't give a rats ass about when I was younger (and not all that much younger !)

So as 2018 approaches I've given much thought toward how to make the best use of my days and nights and with the music biz being what it is these days I've had to seriously wonder where, if anything, whatever it is I have to offer really fits in. While decades of trying to ram a square peg into a round hole has certainly got me into a few holes there's been an awful lot of skin stuck to the wrong side. 

Please don't take this the wrong way, this isn't self pity speaking. I know it's rough out their for everybody. I'm speaking from the voice inside me that began pestering me when I was a little fella to see if  I could make some kind of a mark out there. Funny thing how that same voice is still as clear and innocent as it was when I was four years old, only now it's pestering an old man and it's message is simply "take some time and figure it out, nobody's got a gun to your head"

So I've played my last show for 2017 and I have only one (and it's a very special one) planned for 2018, January to be a little more specific, and I'll talk about that when the time comes. But other than that my plan is to put in some long overdue time in fixing up the old farmhouse, enjoy my family (another grandchild on the way early in the new year!), write and record when the spectre taps, and work on a book .... yes a book .... another bucket list kinda thing I've been wanting to do most of my life. No worries whether anybody reads it or even if I finish the damn thing, just something I need to try. And of course if some good opportunities come my way, ie: listening rooms etc, or if anybody maybe needs a guitar player once in a while, I may just be open to that too.

If you're reading this, and you know who I am, maybe know some of my tunes or have come out to a show, thanks for that. I'll still be here, just not (for the most part) there.

Peace and Good Wishes